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BioBizz Fish-Mix

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BioBizz Fish-Mix is an organic plant nutrient for the vegetative stage of growth as well as a highly effective soil conditioner. BioBizz Fish-Mix is a 100% organic product suitable for plants grown in all types of soil mix as well as in coco coir. BioBizz Fish-Mix is a mixture of vinasse (condensed molasses solubles) from sugar beet and fish proteins that have been broken down using enzyme hydrolysis. BioBizz Fish-Mix can be used to feed both plants and the soil they are grown in. Along with the NPK nutrients that directly feed the plants, BioBizz Fish-Mix also conditions the soil, stimulating the growth of micro-organisms and beneficial bacteria in soils and coco-based substrates. Many outdoor growers use Fish-Mix instead of BioBizz Bio-Grow when following the BioBizz Organic Grow Schedule, but it is not considered suited to indoor growing due to its pungent fishy smell. BioBizz Fish-Mix is available in 1 litre and 5 litre bottles.

The NPK percentage ratios of BioBizz Fish-Mix are Nitrogen: 5%, Phosphorus: 3%, Potassium: 4%

Used as a conditioner of poor soils, BioBizz Fish-Mix can transform poor soil into rich, ‘fat’ soil within a few days of use. Use 2-4ml per litre of water when applying BioBizz Fish-Mix to soil.

BioBizz Fish-Mix can also be used as a foliar spray. Ensure you use a weak dilution of BioBizz Fish-Mix when using it as a foliar application. Use only 1-2ml per litre when applying to leaves. The results can be spectacular!

Amino acids, B vitamins and natural trace elements make BioBizz Fish-Mix a complete fertiliser mix, suitable for the vegetative stage of your plants’ development. Many customers use BioBizz Fish-Mix instead of BioBizz Bio-Grow in the BioBizz Organic Grow Schedule, or combine the two, using half the suggested dosage of each.

We recommend using BioBizz Fish-Mix with an organic soil mix such as BioBizz All-Mix, Bio-Bizz Light-Mix or Plagron Bat Mix.

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