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Rhino ventiliatorius 100mm

Product Code: Rhino ventiliatorius
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This product is not stocked in all our hydroponics shops. Please phone your local shop regarding availability. If the item is not in stock, it can be ordered from our suppliers on receipt of full payment.

These acoustic fans are maufactured using high quality mineral insulation material. The rock wool insulating material used has a high spatial density of 88 kg/m3and absorbs lower frequencies much better. The glass fibre sealed surface prevents the escape of fibres up to 36m/s velocity. Fulfills fire classification A2.

They are compact and quiet with forward curved fan impellers which have a high power density and low and subjective pleasant broadband noise.

Max Airflow: Insulated Acoustic Fan 125mm - 360m³/hr Insulated Acoustic Fan 150mm - 380m³/hr Insulated Acoustic Fan 200mm - 680m³/hr Insulated Acoustic Fan 250mm - 1050m³/hr Insulated Acoustic Fan 315mm - 1660m³/hr

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