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BioBizz Bio-Heaven

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BioBizz Bio-Heaven is an organic energy booster that fine-tunes the performance levels of the plants in your organic grow by providing bio-stimulators that increase nutrient uptake, relieve plant stress and give your organically grown plants the extra energy they need to achieve their maximum potential. BioBizz Bio-Heaven isn’t cheap, but having spent so much time and money on your plants, you have to ask yourself: Do I now want to achieve the best possible harvest for my crop? Many of our customers tell us that the extra expense of BioBizz Bio-Heaven, with its richness in amino acids and naturally-aged humus, is worth every penny in terms of the end result of their organic grow. Use 2ml of BioBizz Bio-Heaven per litre of water during the vegetative period of your organic grow, increasing to 5ml per litre in the final 2 weeks of the flowering period before flushing. BioBizz Bio-Heaven is available in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre and 5 litre bottles.

BioBizz Bio-Heaven Organic Plant Energy Booster is produced by BioBizz, one of the world’s most trusted names in organic soils, nutrients and nutrient additives. Use BioBizz Bio-Heaven throughout both the Grow Cycle and the Bloom Cycle of your organic grow, until it is time to flush all nutrients and nutrient additives from the plants with water only during the last week before harvesting. Follow the BioBizz Organic Grow Schedule for the best results in your organic grow.

We recommend growing your plants in an organic soil mix such as BioBizz All-Mix or BioBizz Light-Mix. Another option if you want the added nutrient benefits of bat guano id Plagron Bat Mix. The best choice of organic macronutrients to use with BioBizz Bio-Heaven are to use BioBizz Bio-Grow nutrient throughout both the Grow and Bloom stages. Then add BioBizz Bio-Bloom during the flowering phase, with the addition of BioBizz Top Max to stimulate floral growth.

Some customers have also reported getting great results using BioBizz Bio-Heaven with BioBizz Coco-Mix and in hydroponics systems.


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